Little Princess who captures Hearts



She is such adorable little girl! She always smiles, she wasn’t afraid of the camera at all.

We had to sometimes try to keep her away from the camera, so we could take pictures of her. The Little Princess is so friendly, not shy at all. The smile she had for her mamma and daddy was priceless, not to mention the Grandparents. Her big eyes just lid up when she saw them. It was truly fun to photograph her, even though the weather wasn’t on our favor, with almost all day raining, completely cloudy and a little bit on the cold side.  But all that didn’t bother our little Photo Model as you can see. It was really fun and honor to photograph the family and Little Princess. I am sure, you will enjoy her too.


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  1. Paul Tate January 17, 2017 at 1:01 pm #

    A billion dollar smile.
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures of the little princess and the rest of the family.

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