Oxnard – Espenoza Family


It was so nice to photograph this sweet family. I know them for a long time, even before they had children.

To see this sweet kids growing up to become a young man and young lady, makes me feel “old”, but it is nice experience. We had some challenges to schedule this photoshoot because of the weather. We have major no rain for years, but now, when we tried to have a photoshoot, of course we got rain left and right. So finally we decided on early morning time hoping we will have a nice weather and we did. It was a little chilly, and mod holes everywhere in the park, so just as you can imagine, it was fun to keep the little boy out of the mod holes, but we did it. 🙂 

Thank you Espenoza Family for the opportunity to capture your family. I had really fun time with you all, especially with the kids. I hope you enjoy these pictures. 




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